Dismantling Structural Racism

One way to dismantle structural racism in America: Disband the two-party system

Redistricting for Racial Justice

This 12-episode video tutorial series will teach you how to make community maps using ArcGIS.

Introduction Video
Episode 1: What to expect in this video course
Episode 2: Why Redistricting Matters to Communities of Color
Episode 3: Intro to GIS and Census Data
Episode 4: Downloading Census Data
Episode 5: Basic GIS Tools
Episode 6: Projections
Episode 7: Selecting Features
Episode 8: Joining Data
Episode 9: Symbology
Episode 10:

MED's Electoral Justice Initiative - 2021

This 5-year effort will build a network of organizations led by and serving communities of color to transform local electoral systems.

EJI Overview

Talk Story

Talk Story with Kamau Chege

What is Ranked Choice Voting?

Educational videos in English

Vídeos educativos

Single-winner RCV (English version)
Voto por orden de preferencia (único ganador)
Multi-winner RCV (English version)
Voto por orden de preferencia (multiganador)

Panel Discussions

Learn how to  make systemic changes on the local, state and national level to build a government and politics that truly represents all of us.

Netroot Nations - Elections Reimagined
Beyond the Binary - How to Break the Two Party System
Eastpointe Panel Discussion

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